Sales Listing Kit

Winning new listings has never been easier with the help of the Sales Listing Kit. Designed to be the perfect discussion tool to use with potential vendors as it helps convey clear messages regarding your agency’s methods. With infographics, talking points and writing space about sale methods, pricing, marketing preparation and more, the Sales Listing Kit is sure to make listing homes a breeze.


$995+GST for the artwork.

The Breakdown


This page can help agents and vendors develop a pricing strategy. It details:

  • How owners price homes
  • How buyers prices homes
  • How top prices are reached through competitive buying
  • Space to write prices.


This page is designed for agents to take notes about the property while they view a home. It demonstrates your high attention to detail and the list of key questions assists in helping you frame the perfect listing presentation!

Method of sale

This page helps consumers understand the different selling methods and how they relate to days on market. It features:

  • Days on market infographic
  • Key points in the selling timeline
  • Space to write a settlement date for a trial close
  • Key points about each method of sale.

Fees, why choose use and steps to move forward

Featuring space to write a preferred photography date, a preferred open time, and a preferred auction date, this page aims to assist in finalising the listing opportunity. In addition to this, it features:

  • Infographic to help agents demonstrate value in their fee structure
  • Key points for selling with the agent
  • Steps to move forward.

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