Whether you’re a corporate group who has access to a unique network or a boutique agency who can offer a personalised service, you have significant competition with over 35,000 real estate businesses within Australia. This competition is especially apparent when it comes to having a real estate brand that is recognisable and memorable, while still accurately portraying your brand values.

Business growth can often be a double edged sword to real estate brands. With growth comes an elevated reputation, however the brand message doesn’t always grow in line with the business. This leads to a brand message that is diluted and doesn’t accurately portray the values, skills and key messages of the agency.

Is your brand in line with your real estate agency?

Brand management.
Purely and simply.

How do you make your brand stand out to sellers in a competitive crowd? Brand Management. Purely and simply.

Without a strong, clear and consistent brand message, you’re failing to meet the expectations of sellers who
believe that choosing an agency that features a strong, clear and consistent brand within the marketplace will come with agents who are knowledgeable and passionate about selling their property for the best price.

Dependant on the current status of your brand, we offer 4 brand management services; a complete rebrand, a brand refresh, style guide creation, and brand auditing.

To find out more about our brand management services and which option is right for your real estate agency, please download the pdf and arrange a call now!