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A real estate sales Pre-listing Kit is one of the first and most important steps in convincing a potential vendor to list their home with you. A pre-listing kit provides them with all the information they need to know about dealing with you and your real estate agency.

We can customise a pre-listing kits design based on your brand, ideas and what you like. We have prepared the copy, designed page layouts and can easily customise the look to your brand and the contents to your way of doing business.

And, for those looking to truly influence potential vendors, we also offer an elite version of the Pre-listing Kit, with a few extra features set to impress. Be sure to ask us about how this will help you further stand out from the crowd.

Each real estate Pre-listing Kit comes with a digital Flip Book version. This means you can e-mail your Pre-Listing Kit to potential sellers. This is a great item for interstate investors, busy professionals and cold appraisals.

Win more real estate sales listings with a professionally designed Pre-listing Kit.

Pre-listing kit contents at a glance

• ‘About you’ as the agent and ‘why choose you’ to sell
• Our buyer database, our network, our results
• Selling strategy
• Performance fees
• Methods of sale

• Methods of sale
• Pricing
• Presentation
• Marketing elements
• Testimonials


Pre-Listing Kit artwork – From $2,000 +GST

This includes up to 15 hours of graphic design to create your unique pre-listing kit. It’s great for established real estate agents who want to take their professionalism to the next level. If your design changes take on extra hours or you decide to ‘change your mind’ on the design and layout, you will be charged an additional $120 p/h + GST on top of the total price.

Finished Size:
The printed pre-listing kit booklet can be either an A4 or A5 booklet in portrait or landscape.

Digital Pre-listing Kit:
The pre-listing kit includes a digital flipbook version which can be embedded in websites, linked in emails or shared on social media.

Printing Costs:
The Pre-Listing Kit printing cost will vary depending on the number of pages and type of stock. Please contact us for a quote.

Pre-Listing Kit Layout
Pre-Listing Kit - Sample Layout
Pre-Listing Kit - Sample Cover
Pre-Listing Kit - Sample Cover
Pre-Listing Kit - Sample Vendor Marketing Options
Pre-Listing Kit - Sample Vendor Marketing Options

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