A postcode brochure is a cost effective marketing tool to help real estate agents list more homes.

Why? Because it is only 4 pages, it’s cheaper to print than the 8 page postcode book and it has enough detail to platform agents as the expert in their marketplace. Delivered quarterly, it will help you stand out in your market place.

This brochure can be used to display your individual or your agency sales only, or all sales in the area of your choice.

Included with the postcode brochure is a flash book version, which you can share on social media, put onto your website or blogs and email to your database of customers.

This marketing piece is a great and direct tool to land in the letter boxes of thousands.


1 Postcode Brochure


Up to 1 year to use

4 Postcode BrochureS

$1,422+GST / Save 10%

Up to 2 years to use all 4

8 Postcode Brochures

$2,686+GST / Save 15%

Up to 2 years to use all 8

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