The Postcode Book lists recent sales in your area for the quarter. Bundled in a professional 8 to 12 page booklet, this small yet effective piece will give you expert status.

This booklet has become a popular marketing piece amongst agents Australia wide, including New Zealand!

The flexible layout means you can add extra content and really promote yourself, your agency and even your property management department.

Orders for Postcode Books are placed each quarter and display the last quarters settled properties and some statistical breakdowns. Allowing you to regularly inform your target area of market movement and supplying them with the information they need to make an informed decision to call you when they are ready to sell!
Orders for Postcode Booklets can be placed at anytime as we can work with you on the design and layout until the data is ready.

Click on the button below to place your order, upload your files and get started!

Postcode book - real estate print marketing


1 Postcode Book


up to 1 year to use

4 Postcode Books

$2,142+GST / Save 10%

Up to 2 years to use all 4

8 Postcode Books

$4,046+GST / Save 15%

Up to 4 years to use all 8

Please note: the booklets are 8 or 12 pages and can only fit a set number of sales per book. If you go above the recommended number of sales, this will increase the books page amount up to 16 and incur an extra cost of $120 +gst to accommodate the extra time spent to set the pages. Additionally, if you request the entire sales listings be updated, after already having had them added (due to a delay in approval), you will incur an extra cost of $120 +gst

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