Did you know that for the cost of hiring ONE Marketing Manager with a limited skill set, you can employ an entire team to manage and execute your marketing?

Real estate marketing today covers a very broad skill set which is much bigger than a traditional one person role. It now includes graphic design, copywriting, video editing, coordinating video shoots, web design, developing social media content, social media posting, social media ads, lead generation, tracking brand awareness, project management and reporting.

When you employ us as your Marketing Manager, we become a part of your team. You gain access to graphic designers, copywriters, social media experts, brand strategists and video editors. We are a team of trained professionals who specialise in real estate marketing.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Make marketing easy...

We create a marketing plan, incorporating all the required elements, map it out for you and execute it on a daily basis. In addition to this, we develop a list of your marketing and branding company projects and work on these each month, ensuring that they are completed on time and to budget.

For the cost of hiring ONE Marketing Manager, you can employ an entire team to manage and execute your marketing.