Marketing Management

Marketing is vital in the real estate industry to survive and thrive, however the traditional roles of marketing have expanded exponentially in the past two years.

Marketing now requires a broad skill set, something that cannot be effectively be performed by one person. This is something we have come to recognise and it’s what fuelled the idea behind this service.

This service is specifically formulated for the real estate industry, and especially for independent agencies that are fast-paced and focused on dominating their market. By enabling Identity Marketing to act as your marketing manager, you’re essentially hiring an entire team of graphic designers, copywriters, social media experts, brand strategists and video editors. The best bit? We do this at a lower price than hiring an in-house marketing manager.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

The Details

Please find below a synopsis of the offering. Details and prices can be found by downloading the prices below.

Monthly Market Report

A monthly market report allows you to deliver something tangible to your marketplace each month. Better yet, we source sales data from online portals and design the report for you, meaning you can spend less time on marketing and more time listing homes.

Quarterly Market Report

A quarterly market report is a positioning piece that summarises results in your marketplace and positions you as the real estate expert in your area. With quality print marketing having a longer shelf life, you know you’re in good hands with Identity Marketing.

Property Magazine

You decide the size and whether you want to deliver your property magazine weekly, fortnightly or monthly and we’ll take care of the rest. We make the process a breeze by connecting our software to your website to gather information needed.

Check in cards

Check in cards are mailed to homeowners on your database annually to strike up a conversation about how much their home is worth, leading to face-to-face appraisal appointments.

Lead Nurture Email

Nurture your leads through email marketing and provide each of your contacts twelve opportunities each year to strike up a conversation and invite you to list their property.

Investment Update Email

Retain your current landlords and convert would be investors with insightful investment emails. All you have to do is let us know the suburbs you want to focus on and we’ll do the rest.

Anniversary Cards

Simple and easy marketing with anniversary cards that are personalised and direct mailed monthly to your database in the month of their settlement anniversary. Alternatively, these cards can be printed in larger numbers and delivered to you to for a personalised, handwritten approach.

Real Estate Social media marketing

Social Media

Social media is now considered standard for all real estate agents and a Digital Footprint campaign ensures your social media content is tailored to convey who you are, what you do and where you do it. Digital Footprint content is optimised by social media experts and designed by experienced graphic designers ensuring that visual appeal meets substance.

Blog / Article Writing

Blog articles provide you with the opportunity to create relevant content for your clients – both present and potential. Blog pieces also provide people with reasons to come back to your website, which enables us to target them with content via your social media. Simply provide us with topics you would like to cover and we’ll do the rest. Alternatively pick from topics we select specifically for you. Blog articles vary between 350 to 550 words depending on the topic.

Creative Project Management

This service is an allocation of time set aside each month to manage your creative projects, ensuring that your marketing is cohesive across all projects, that your marketing evolves with the times and that you have access to our entire team for any questions you may have.

Make Marketing easy…

We create a marketing plan, incorporating all the required elements, map it out for you and execute it on a daily basis. In addition to this, we develop a list of your marketing and branding company projects and work on these each month, ensuring that they are completed on time and to budget.

For the cost of hiring ONE Marketing Manager, you can employ an entire team to manage and execute your marketing.

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