Have you ever given a rental appraisal or met an investor at an open for inspection? 

If you put them in your database, what happens next? What do you automatically send them each quarter? And then how do you follow them up to increase your chances of winning their business?  To nurture more of these leads you just need a simple system around your marketing and prospecting which helps you retain and list more rental properties at a faster rate.

To help with this we have created the investment report. This report is a professional way to communicate with your database of landlords, investors & rental appraisals. If you use the investment report each quarter with a simple follow up call it allows you to get more leads from the contacts on the inside of your database and turn these into listings.


1 Investment Report


Up to 1 year to use it

4 Investment Reports

$1,242+GST / Save 10%

Up to 2 years to use all 4

8 Investment ReportS

$2,346+GST / SAVE 15%

Up to 4 years to use all 8

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