Brand awareness, the extent that consumers will be able to remember your personal brand is a hot topic at the moment. While many real estate agents talk about brand awareness, not many know how to measure it.

Our marketing campaigns for individual agents focuses on increasing your brand awareness, because the greater your brand awareness, the more likely you will be invited to listing presentations and the more leads you will receive.

Our individual agent marketing campaigns deliver real results in the form of inbound appraisal requests and more opportunities, which subsequently make you more money.

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What's included?


The average Australian spends 12.5 hours on social media each week.


Our lead conversion emails have increased conversion by up to 100%.


Most agents receive 20-40 leads per month, with 25% requesting appraisals.


Designed to ensure vendors buy you and their services next time they sell.


We see results with this type of multi-layered marketing which often leads to a 10 time return on investment when working with us.

After 3 months of building your brand awareness within your marketplace, we anticipate that you’ll be receiving more inbound appraisal requests, converting more business and making more money. For many of our customers, this is the first time they have ever spoken to their customers daily through social media and it’s a real game changer.