Real estate high performers understand that time isn’t money – value is money. Time is simply one of the inputs required to deliver value to the marketplace.

However high performing teams, busy operating to the highest levels in real estate often don’t have time to deliver marketing campaigns that match their level of excellence.  Identity Marketing is a team of dedicated and experienced people who have specialisations in all aspects of marketing, including graphic design, social media, email and print.

Our marketing campaigns which are specifically designed for real estate agents, deliver results by providing your team with unfair advantage in comparison to your competition, making you the obvious choice when it’s time to sell.

Download our high performance marketing package and schedule a call to take the next steps!

What's included?


  • Content strategy
  • Posting
  • Re-targeting
  • Creating custom audiences
  • Lead generation


  • Performance email 
  • Lead conversion email


  • Evergreen video content 
  • Evergreen video scripts & Script writing 
  • Video collaboration
  • Marketplace statistics video


  • Monthly planning meeting
  • Refinement of campaign
  • Reporting and recommendations


Your content will be front of 4,000+ people every day. 365 days of the year. When you get busy your marketing doesn’t stop which gives you the consistency you need to scale your career. Anyone in your team can appraise a property today and later in the week your content will start appearing in their sellers Facebook feed, inbox and letterbox without anyone having to lift a finger.

We expect the return to be ten times the cost, but best of all, it’s exclusive. We won’t run a marketing program like this for your competitors. Download our high performance marketing package and schedule a video chat to take the next steps.