Christmas Cards | Identity Marketing

With Christmas around the corner, it is time to start getting yourself organised! It is essential to show your clients that you are still thinking of them and what better way than wishing them well this festive season. We have developed the ultimate way to assist real estate agents in doing this with our automated Christmas Cards.

It’s usually challenging each Christmas to find the time to write, envelope and post Christmas cards your clients and have those Christmas card branded to you and your agency.

To make it easier for you, we have created 6 high quality automated Christmas cards which we can re-brand to you.


  1. Place your order
  2. Pick from one of 6 designs
  3. Supply us with your logo, message & handwritten signature (as an image)
  4. You’ll receive a proof from our designers
  5. Supply us with your database and we’ll merge your contacts onto the cards
  6. The cards will be printed and put into postage paid envelopes
  7. The ‘ready to post’ Christmas cards will be posted once completed.


If confidentiality is a concern with supplying your database, we have the relevant documentation in place to protect your contacts. Just ask us about this when booking.

Handwritten cards

Some agents still prefer to hand write their Christmas cards, and that’s ok. We can still design and personalise them to your brand, have them printed and delivered to your office.


Choose from one of these designs. Press the order now button at the end of this page to get started on your personally branded Christmas cards!








To create the artwork for your Christmas cards it is $120.00 + GST

You might like to insert personalised, magnet calendars into your cards as a gift for you client. Click on the link below to find out more about calendars.


We have organised discounted printing prices.  The minimum print run is 100.

You can select your printing quantity when you place your order. This pricing is a guide. Other amounts can be worked out depending on how many cards you need.

Qty Price Qty Price Qty Price
100 $445.80 1500 $2,890.42 3500 $6,217.39
200 $582.38 2000 $3,793.71 4000 $6,936.49
500 $1,119.78 2500 $4,666.93 4500 $7,618.19
1000 $1,972.72 3000 $5,460.84 5000 $8,262.46



Envelopes – plain window faced envelopes are provided with postage paid printed on them and posted on your behalf.

Important printing information

  • The envelopes are blank. They do not include your logo or return address. If you would like to use your own envelopes please post them to our office and we will place the cards inside.
  • Please supply your database, the cards will include the names of your contacts inside and will be placed in a personalised envelope.
  • Prices are ex GST
  • Delivery of your company envelopes to – 427 Magill Road, St Morris, SA 5068
  • Print payment is required prior to printing