The March Rundown

Why do people choose you for their property journey?
There are a multitude of variables that I’m sure you’ve considered. Perhaps it’s your proven record of success, or maybe you were the first and only agent they met with. Oftentimes, word of mouth can play an important role, so perhaps a past homeowner passed on your details.

All of these reasons can arguably be boiled down to the one thing that differentiates you from other real estate professionals – your personality.

Personality in real estate is vital for three things: building long standing relationships, delivering authentic marketing and separating yourself from the pack.

During March, personality became a central theme for Identity Marketing as we started to notice the current reality of something that we’ve known since our company’s conception – personality is key and those who harness their full potential see better results throughout their careers. By extension, we have also noticed a startling pattern in agents and agencies who don’t recognise the importance of personality in their line of work; with a majority having hit a growth plateau.

Enough about that revelation – let’s see how personality played a part in our own happenings in March.

This month, our Creative Team delighted in creating a Region Report that packed a ‘personality punch’. We set ourselves the task of developing a Region Report for Hutton and Hutton that perfectly aligned with their brand and subsequent brand personality. This was achieved through the use of clean lines, white space, creative layout and punchy visuals.

Next, we have a slightly different take on the power of personality – This month we added a new social media coordinator to the team. At Identity Marketing we recognise that character can’t be taught and by extension neither can personality. This type of thinking forms a pivotal part of our recruitment and hiring process (as well as ensuring newbies have the required education and experience) and subsequently led us to hiring Georgia!

We also caught up to provide filming services for a home-state favourite, Samantha Hirniak of Ray White Semaphore. Why does she have a special place in our hearts? Besides from choosing us for her marketing efforts, she has an infectious personality that makes anyone feel as though they have known her all their lives.
On a side note, her video bloopers are simply hilarious…

Finally, our Sales Director, Steve Osborn travelled interstate to meet with key agents and agencies in Sydney. The objective of these meetings was to talk about branding and listing visuals, where conversations touched on capitalsing personality for better branding and marketing.

And that’s a wrap for March – the month of personality.

The February Rundown

Another month down and 2019 is looking better than ever.

February was seemingly filled with launches and events, the first being the highly anticipated launch of our Region Report. We’re thrilled to announce that the hard yards of planning have paid off and it has been deemed a great success. Who do we have to thank? You, of course. It was the little cues and items mentioned that lead us to release something that is of true importance to our market – a true testament to what can be achieved through social listening.

Next up we had a birthday, but not just any birthday. The man, the myth, the legend – Steve Osborn became another year wiser on February 19th. The day involved treating Steve to delectable food and then sending him off to a proposal meeting which he naturally smashed – but more on that next month…

February featured yet another interstate venture, this time we got friendly with the Jellis Craig agents Northcote, Brunswick and Fitzroy during a day of filming and photography for their social media campaigns. The footage from this day is formulated to meet the challenge of providing quality, but authentic and personable content.

Finally, February ended with a glass of champagne and a round of applause for Hunt & Hunt Property – Adelaide’s newest property management agency. After a year of hard work, Hunt & Hunt (Founded by Rachel Hunt, and assisted by Skye Halliwell) launched with the aspirations of being Adelaide’s premier agency with a focus on quality, attentive and relationship focused service. We’re excited to see their trajectory in the coming months.

And that wraps up February, which can easily be described as a month of firsts.

The January Rundown


February is here, meaning we’re firmly in 2019.

We had a massive start to the year already including an interstate trip to talk strategy with some of Australia’s top agencies.

Strategy increasingly became a buzzword last year, but as the word grew in popularity it began to lose it’s core value and meaning.

A defined strategy is more than simply stating what you’re going to do, it’s about stripping back the layers and defining the how and the why. So, how and why is this important? (hah, see what we did there?)

‘Why’ is important as it provides the basis for your actions. Every action within a strategy should be backed by the answers to the following:

• Why are you doing that?
• What objectives are you aiming to achieve with this action?
• Is this the most fitting action (dependant on resources i.e. financial)?

The ‘how’ is equally important as it delivers a guide on how you’re going to achieve the objectives within your strategy. Each objective/action should be defined by the following:

• Who is responsible for this action?
• What assets and resources are required for this action to succeed?
• How are we measuring success?

At Identity Marketing, we specialise in developing real strategies that work. If you’re looking to transform your office into a powerhouse agency, get in contact with us.

Is 2019 your year?


January is synonymous with personal resolutions – some are planned in 2018 and some are more spontaneous while feeling a little worse for wear on January 1st. Whether you’re a strong believer in New Year’s resolutions or you think the idea is overrated, one this is for sure; January marks the start of 2019 and the start of implementing your plans for dominating business and career goals in the coming year.

Real estate agents who are serious about their trajectory have already planned for 2019, and we’ve helped a number of inspiring agents plan their year to ensure that their marketing pieces are created to meet their goals. That’s what planning is all about, it’s not simply making list and checking it twice, it’s about stripping back the layers of what you plan to implement and asking yourself ‘does this work towards my goal?’.

By extension, the result of your planning endeavor needs to be cohesive. This means that your marketing looks cohesive (marketing assets match and compliment each other) and that the deliverables within your plan are aligned with your business objectives. As an example, say that one of your objectives is to recruit new agents into your team, you should be planning evaluating and planning marketing deliverables such as having an improved careers section on your website and a culture video that drives agents to join your team.

Whenever I am asked about planning, my first piece of advice is to not only plan in advance, but to plan in advance quarterly. By doing this, you’re giving yourself 4 checkpoints over the course of a year which allows your plans to evolve and makes for an easier evaluation process. It’s also easier to plan 3 months of strategy that works towards a larger goal rather than getting lost in the details of a 12 month strategy.

If you’re looking for advice on what marketing tactics are going to serve your needs this year, get in contact with us; we specialise in formulating marketing plans around real estate goals.

Rebranding with Identity Marketing

When you first think about your visual branding, the logo, fonts, colours and the overall style. What is it that you first think about? The first thing you think about should not be the visuals at all. Well, we get that it is actually the graphics rather than explanations you see, but you should first see the message and meaning of your brand. What do you want customers to know about you?
Michael from Eclipse understood the importance of this and knew it was time he got his brand on par with how he wanted customers to perceive his brand.
Watch the video to find out more.

Happy Holidays from the IDM Team

 Today marks the end of 2018 for us here at Identity Marketing. We will be back in action, Monday the 7th of Jan, 2019. 

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all our clients and thanks for being so great to work with this year. 

If you have a spare minute, check out our office blooper reel from the year that was 2018. 

Our Favourite updates for 2018

There’s nothing like the start of a new year to bring on the predictions and make you reflect on the year gone by. Many, many things happened in the social media sphere in 2018, and we’ve picked our favourites and outlined them below.

When asked ‘what were your favourite updates last year?’ our team fairly unanimously mentioned the various Instagram story updates. GIFS, Spotify integration and polls were some of the favourites. Instagram went from strength to strength in 2018, maintaining their position of highest engagement platform. There are roughly one billion active Instagram users, so if you’re not using it in your marketing mix properly, it’s time to make it one of your new year marketing resolutions.

The team’s favourite update to Twitter was the addition of more characters. You now can craft a longer, more meaningful tweet with 280 characters instead of the traditional, limiting 140 characters.

Facebook canvas got a Facelift and a good one at that. Renamed, re-jigged and re-purposed, the addition of Facebook Pixel functionality was a welcome marketing tool – we are 100% on board with Instant Experience Ads.

LinkedIn made a few updates that enhance the user experience – they integrated the LinkedIn Groups app into the main app, added more functions to messaging such as adding the capacity to send documents and they also changed their algorithm to stop favouring the 1% of top users,  letting you see more content from your peers.

Pinterest changed up their advertising options in 2018 and now, sponsored videos take up more space within the home feed. Previously, Pinterest only gave the option to show sponsored videos as a ‘pin’, which is roughly less than a third of the size of the new larger sized video ads.

Snapchat… oh, Snapchat. They’re struggling to regain their footing in the fast-paced ever-changing social world. Many of the updates they pioneered were repurposed by Instagram this year and subsequently, Snap stock has lost more than half its value since March 2017.  They introduced Snapchat calling and games, and they also introduced filters that work on pets! Maybe 2019 will be their year or perhaps they will keep releasing obscure updates; either way we’ll be watching closely.

As for what’s coming in 2019, only time will tell. What we do know is that we will keep you ‘in the know’ with our monthly Social Media Updates video and blog!

How are you different from your competitors?


In real estate, competition is fierce and even the most dedicated and skilled agents are finding that it’s taking more than just their services to become well known in their market. This is where the USP comes into the mix to give real estate professionals a head start to being where they want to be. For those unfamiliar with the term ‘USP’ it’s short for Unique Selling Proposition which is essentially the one thing that enables you to stand out and attract your market which puts you on the path for success.

Unique Selling Propositions are certainly not new to the real estate industry, however they are often based upon propositions that are not unique and focus heavily on the process of selling. For example, we have seen many agents heavily market that they have low days on market which at first glance looks like a great thing to promote – however as a real estate agent you’re expected to sell homes and to sell them in a reasonable amount of time making ‘low days on market’ something that consumers readily disregard; and to make our point even clearer – how many agents and agencies do you know that promote that exact same thing? It’s not unique.

If you’re up to the challenge of developing or ‘renovating’ your USP here are a few things to consider:

  1. Your USP should have a focus on the benefits of your service rather than focusing on the features or process of what you do.
  2. Developing a USP takes time. Even if you have a certain idea on what your USP should be, take time to analyse it, talk to family and friends who aren’t in real estate and gauge their response as you may find that you end up with a totally different USP – and even if you don’t, at least you know your USP has been well thought out.
  3. Your USP needs to be authentic. If you’ve decided to use something along the lines of ‘coming from a long line of real estate agents’ as your USP but you’re the first in your family to be a real estate agent, your USP won’t get you very far.

Once you have taken time to finalise an authentic USP it’s time to establish how you’re going to deliver it to your marketplace. For this you will need to devise ways in which to communicate your USP and your marketing is one of the best places to start.

When in this stage we recommend the following:

  1. Establish what you have in your marketing repertoire and marketing that you don’t currently do but should be doing.
  2. Establish where messaging can be added in your marketing – for example, your monthly nurture email could include a footer that refers to your USP. The more places you can include your USP, the more effective it will be. This is down to patterns and how customers depend on patterns to recall information.
  3. Work out how you will communicate your USP – the type of language and copy you use to communicate and promote your USP is incredibly important, especially in regard to whether it’s as effective as it can be.

All in all, if you have a well fitting, authentic USP and you’re communicating it effectively, homeowners are substantially more likely to remember and prefer you over your competition.

Here at Identity Marketing we specialise in helping real estate agents uncover their brand to market it in effective ways. If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to your Unique Selling Proposition, get in contact with us.

Have you reflected on your email marketing yet?


If we asked you how many different marketing emails you’ve sent this year, would you know the answer? (We’ve sent 50 different emails in 2018, in case you were wondering). If you do know, kudos to you! You’re in a very small percentage of people who know how many EDMs they’ve sent annually, and an even smaller percentage of real estate professionals who know. However, it’s not just the number of emails you’ve sent in the past year that you should know – you also need to have a good understanding of your overall email marketing strategy to ensure you’re maximising results and minimising effort.

So, what does it mean and what’s involved in getting a ‘good’ understanding of your email marketing? We recognise it seems like a big, daunting task – especially if you don’t know how many marketing emails you’ve sent this year – so we’ve created some questions for you to ask yourself to get you started. Are you ready?

Question one: What do you want to achieve with your email marketing?
To maximise your results you need to recognise the result you’re really after. Ask yourself, are you looking to nurture your leads or are you looking to be seen as the authority in investment data? Your answer will shape how your emails look and the information they include. Want another expert tip: If you have multiple (different) audiences, create separate recipient lists and email them with messaging that speaks to their needs instead of marketing to the masses.

Question two: ’How often are you sending emails?
Are you sending too many emails, or not enough? To help you answer this question, you should look at your analytics, especially open rates, click rates and the unsubscribe count.
If you don’t have a definitive answer, don’t stress. There is no one size fits all number of emails someone should be sending as it’s all about finding the right balance and trialling this with your marketplace to see what’s right for you.

Question three: Are you tracking the right metrics?
Perhaps we’ve skipped a step here – let’s ask this first – are you tracking metrics at all? If not, you should be. Your email metrics and analytics allow you to study how your emails are performing, and if you know how to interpret these analytics, email metrics are the yellow brick road to your next steps in maximising your email marketing. The metrics you should be looking into at the very minimum are open rates, click through rates and your unsubscribe count as these will give you a good indication of how your audience is responding to your email marketing.

Question four: Are your emails optimised for mobile?
This is a hugely important question as over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, meaning if your emails aren’t optimised for mobile you’re only planning to talk to half of your database. If that fact doesn’t have you on your way to see if your emails are mobile optimised – maybe this will – un-optimised emails affect loading times, unsubscribe rates and often receive much lower engagement.

To get the most out of 2019, email isn’t the only part of your business and marketing that requires analysis before next year.

Check out our 19 things you should be doing before 2019 to dominate your marketplace in 2019, and don’t forget to get in contact with us if you need expert hands on your email or 2019 planning.