Are you marketing at the wrong time?

Let’s start with some numbers – roughly 5% of homeowners sell their home in a year.

Studies also suggest that only 20% of homeowners looking to sell are searching for an agent.

We see many real estate professionals focusing exclusively on marketing to those who are actively interested in selling, which may be as little as 1% of their market.

Good agents know they need to market and prospect ‘ahead of the curve’. By doing this they are focusing their marketing and their communication to include those who have not yet evolved into their perfect customer.

If you’re ready to shift your thinking and improve your marketing, download our guide to Marketing Ahead of the Curve above.

Do you have a strategic game plan?



Strategy has become a buzzword in recent times, and although this has enabled many to discover the advantages of a strategic approach, it has also left many confused as to the appropriate definition of the word and the subsequent actions to take.

If you’re one of these people, you’re certainly not alone which is why we wanted to shed a little light on the topic. To start, let’s broadly define what a strategy is – it’s a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. At the Identity Marketing office, we like to affectionately refer to strategies as game-plans.

For a game plan, there are three fundamental requirements.

Requirement 1: An objective
This is essentially the reason behind your need for a strategy/game plan.
Your objective can be something specific, or something broad depending on your unique circumstances and target.

An example of an objective: 30% increase in market share (specific) or agency growth (broad).

Requirement 2: Break down your objective.
Objectives on their own can be overwhelming, especially if they’re a broad objective. To conquer this, you will need to break the objective down into smaller, manageable and measurable components or tasks.

For example, if your objective is to grow your agency you might break down your objective into the following categories: brand awareness, recruitment, internal processes and acquisition.

In addition to breaking down your objective into smaller tasks, its recommended to set parameters around how you will measure the progress and success of each of the categories/small tasks. For example, if one of your small tasks is brand awareness, how will you define progress in your market?

Requirement 3: Resources and Actions
Once you have broken down and categorised your objective into smaller, manageable tasks you will need to realistically consider your resources to establish the action you will take to fulfil your small tasks.

For example, if recruitment is one of your small tasks, the actions in your game plan may include the addition of a careers page on your website, targeted social media ads aimed towards prospective employees and a recruitment kit that establishes why your agency is an ideal choice for a career move.

And those are the three fundamentals of creating a game plan, but before we sign off on this topic there are some other tips to remember:

  1. As a rule of thumb, when it comes to your marketing and achieving your goals, you need to be ensuring that every marketing activity aligns with achieving your objective. This means you should work out what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and when you’re doing it. If a marketing piece doesn’t align, establish what would better suit the needs of your game plan.
  2. Consider your resources realistically. You may have big ideas around a grand messaging campaign, however your marketing team may not have the skills or programs necessary for such a marketing project.
  3. Not everything is guaranteed to go to plan in your game plan, and in this case it’s great to establish some plan B activities to keep yourself on the path to progress.

If you’re unsure where to start, or you’re looking for advice about marketing that aligns with your specific objectives, get in touch with us. We specialise in working with agents and agencies to develop and actualise strategies.

Expert Series with Josh Saliba

Welcome to the first Expert Series of 2019.

This month we talked about what’s working in real estate and advice for agents with Josh Saliba of Soames Real Estate.

We also found out what happens when you combine Josh Saliba, an open home and a suspiciously closed door.

Watch the video now for the lowdown on this impressive agent.

The March Rundown

Why do people choose you for their property journey?
There are a multitude of variables that I’m sure you’ve considered. Perhaps it’s your proven record of success, or maybe you were the first and only agent they met with. Oftentimes, word of mouth can play an important role, so perhaps a past homeowner passed on your details.

All of these reasons can arguably be boiled down to the one thing that differentiates you from other real estate professionals – your personality.

Personality in real estate is vital for three things: building long standing relationships, delivering authentic marketing and separating yourself from the pack.

During March, personality became a central theme for Identity Marketing as we started to notice the current reality of something that we’ve known since our company’s conception – personality is key and those who harness their full potential see better results throughout their careers. By extension, we have also noticed a startling pattern in agents and agencies who don’t recognise the importance of personality in their line of work; with a majority having hit a growth plateau.

Enough about that revelation – let’s see how personality played a part in our own happenings in March.

This month, our Creative Team delighted in creating a Region Report that packed a ‘personality punch’. We set ourselves the task of developing a Region Report for Hutton and Hutton that perfectly aligned with their brand and subsequent brand personality. This was achieved through the use of clean lines, white space, creative layout and punchy visuals.

Next, we have a slightly different take on the power of personality – This month we added a new social media coordinator to the team. At Identity Marketing we recognise that character can’t be taught and by extension neither can personality. This type of thinking forms a pivotal part of our recruitment and hiring process (as well as ensuring newbies have the required education and experience) and subsequently led us to hiring Georgia!

We also caught up to provide filming services for a home-state favourite, Samantha Hirniak of Ray White Semaphore. Why does she have a special place in our hearts? Besides from choosing us for her marketing efforts, she has an infectious personality that makes anyone feel as though they have known her all their lives.
On a side note, her video bloopers are simply hilarious…

Finally, our Sales Director, Steve Osborn travelled interstate to meet with key agents and agencies in Sydney. The objective of these meetings was to talk about branding and listing visuals, where conversations touched on capitalsing personality for better branding and marketing.

And that’s a wrap for March – the month of personality.

The February Rundown

Another month down and 2019 is looking better than ever.

February was seemingly filled with launches and events, the first being the highly anticipated launch of our Region Report. We’re thrilled to announce that the hard yards of planning have paid off and it has been deemed a great success. Who do we have to thank? You, of course. It was the little cues and items mentioned that lead us to release something that is of true importance to our market – a true testament to what can be achieved through social listening.

Next up we had a birthday, but not just any birthday. The man, the myth, the legend – Steve Osborn became another year wiser on February 19th. The day involved treating Steve to delectable food and then sending him off to a proposal meeting which he naturally smashed – but more on that next month…

February featured yet another interstate venture, this time we got friendly with the Jellis Craig agents Northcote, Brunswick and Fitzroy during a day of filming and photography for their social media campaigns. The footage from this day is formulated to meet the challenge of providing quality, but authentic and personable content.

Finally, February ended with a glass of champagne and a round of applause for Hunt & Hunt Property – Adelaide’s newest property management agency. After a year of hard work, Hunt & Hunt (Founded by Rachel Hunt, and assisted by Skye Halliwell) launched with the aspirations of being Adelaide’s premier agency with a focus on quality, attentive and relationship focused service. We’re excited to see their trajectory in the coming months.

And that wraps up February, which can easily be described as a month of firsts.

The January Rundown


February is here, meaning we’re firmly in 2019.

We had a massive start to the year already including an interstate trip to talk strategy with some of Australia’s top agencies.

Strategy increasingly became a buzzword last year, but as the word grew in popularity it began to lose it’s core value and meaning.

A defined strategy is more than simply stating what you’re going to do, it’s about stripping back the layers and defining the how and the why. So, how and why is this important? (hah, see what we did there?)

‘Why’ is important as it provides the basis for your actions. Every action within a strategy should be backed by the answers to the following:

• Why are you doing that?
• What objectives are you aiming to achieve with this action?
• Is this the most fitting action (dependant on resources i.e. financial)?

The ‘how’ is equally important as it delivers a guide on how you’re going to achieve the objectives within your strategy. Each objective/action should be defined by the following:

• Who is responsible for this action?
• What assets and resources are required for this action to succeed?
• How are we measuring success?

At Identity Marketing, we specialise in developing real strategies that work. If you’re looking to transform your office into a powerhouse agency, get in contact with us.

Is 2019 your year?


January is synonymous with personal resolutions – some are planned in 2018 and some are more spontaneous while feeling a little worse for wear on January 1st. Whether you’re a strong believer in New Year’s resolutions or you think the idea is overrated, one this is for sure; January marks the start of 2019 and the start of implementing your plans for dominating business and career goals in the coming year.

Real estate agents who are serious about their trajectory have already planned for 2019, and we’ve helped a number of inspiring agents plan their year to ensure that their marketing pieces are created to meet their goals. That’s what planning is all about, it’s not simply making list and checking it twice, it’s about stripping back the layers of what you plan to implement and asking yourself ‘does this work towards my goal?’.

By extension, the result of your planning endeavor needs to be cohesive. This means that your marketing looks cohesive (marketing assets match and compliment each other) and that the deliverables within your plan are aligned with your business objectives. As an example, say that one of your objectives is to recruit new agents into your team, you should be planning evaluating and planning marketing deliverables such as having an improved careers section on your website and a culture video that drives agents to join your team.

Whenever I am asked about planning, my first piece of advice is to not only plan in advance, but to plan in advance quarterly. By doing this, you’re giving yourself 4 checkpoints over the course of a year which allows your plans to evolve and makes for an easier evaluation process. It’s also easier to plan 3 months of strategy that works towards a larger goal rather than getting lost in the details of a 12 month strategy.

If you’re looking for advice on what marketing tactics are going to serve your needs this year, get in contact with us; we specialise in formulating marketing plans around real estate goals.