Social media barged onto the scene in the 2000s and by 2010 it was a staple in every marketer’s arsenal with simple rules for success – post and post often.

Fast forward to 2020 and those success parameters no longer ring true. This fortnight Identity Marketing is here to bring you The New Social Method which focuses on ads, quality over quantity and digital connection.

Background Ads

Background ads are targeted social media advertisements that require media spend. Unlike profile content which can be viewed on profiles, background ads work by appearing to users who fit your targeting specifications. For brands and businesses eager to use CTAs (Calls to Action), then background ads are for you. Please note, when going down the path of background ads ensure you make them compelling and click-worthy as weak social ads can create negative emotional responses.

Profile Content

Profile Content is the type of content you would be most familiar with. This type of content can be posted with or without targeted media spend and can be viewed on the publisher’s profile and within the home feed (if the algorithm gods deem you worthy). This type of content is important in building a credible social media presence and online reputation. A whopping 43% of Internet users use social media when researching products and services, so you better have content that is valuable and informative to ensure maximum marketing payoff. For further success in this area, transparency is best as 53% of consumers say they’re substantially more likely to make transactions with brands and businesses that are transparent online.


Engagement is a vital part of social marketing and it’s important to remember that it’s a two-way street. As a brand or business that uses social media you are expected to engage with your audience and to do so in a timely manner – this means replying to comments and messages but also posting content that facilitates conversation and genuine connection.

In summary, The New Social Method is about focusing on quality content, targeting the right people to take action and conversing to build genuine relationships. Identity Marketing is a borderless agency based in Adelaide, known for delivering remarkable digital content and expert social media targeting. Book a consult with us to discuss your social media endeavours.