Covid-19 has put a hold to many plans for high performers, especially in regards to stepping out on their own – but could now be the best time to sow seeds for the future?

It’s no secret that the first half of 2020 has been an absolute rollercoaster ride. Uncertainty lead to consumer stagnation, and that lead to a massive shock for the real estate industry (among many other industries).

Although it can be agreed that these past few months have been tough, the current climate does provide a unique and once in a lifetime insight into how businesses and franchises deal with uncertain times.

If you’re a high performer that has put the aspiration of ‘stepping out’ on hold, we urge you to take this time to take a deeper look so that your business endeavour can benefit where others did not.

1. Identify Recent Mistakes

Did your current agency or other businesses do something that they really shouldn’t have? It might have been insensitive comments to internal teams, tone-deaf marketing, financially irresponsible actions, or perhaps they may have been slow to react to circumstances at hand. Whatever it may have been, take note and learn from their mistakes. By the same token, ensure that you take note of the things that they did well, you never know when you may need to build on an example.

2. Structure Wins and Loses

It’s likely that business structures changed during these past few months and it’s these changes that we can all learn from.  Many things will have been rearranged or cut, providing a real-life example of what is and isn’t 100% necessary –  something that will come in handy in your first year of stepping out on your own.

It’s good to remember our first point, a business may have cut something that they really shouldn’t have, so go with your gut and do your research to decide what you take into consideration.

3. Software and Suppliers

The goods and services required to run an agency are businesses in themselves and they would have had to make internal and external decisions. The current climate has exposed many of these suppliers, some making great decisions and standing by their consumers and other deserving to be binned. Take note of the software and suppliers that have been good to people in the past few months as you never know when you may need a little mercy down the line.

There is no definitive ‘best time’ to step out, however, now is the right time to take advantage of a rare learning opportunity.

f you have large aspirations but get a little lost in the strategy and details behind the dream, schedule a consult with Identity Marketing.