As Australia returns to some form of ‘normalcy’ many business owners and marketing managers are reestablishing where their marketing and advertising stands. In response, we say it’s time to get acquainted with experimental marketing.


Experimental marketing is a concept that urges business owners and marketing mangers to throw what is expected out the window. Instead of relying only on traditional advertising such as DLs, emails and social media that uses standardised messaging, experimental marketing pushes to be heard and remembered. This is because experimental marketing isn’t based on sticking to the security provided by the status quo.

In short, experimental marketing is about creating advertising and marketing that hasn’t been experienced by your market before – rather than simply keeping up with your competition.


  1. Awareness and Demand
  2. They say it’s better to be first than to be superior when it comes to brand awareness. By delivering new advertising, experiences and connections with experimental marketing you’re ticking both of those boxes. Through increased awareness, an increase in demand typically follows.
  3. Engagement & Connection
  4. This benefit is especially relevant when running out-of-the-box events and interactive experiences. Experimental Marketing, when done well, facilitates connection in ways that standard advertising with standard messaging simply can’t.
  5. Perception
  6. If you’re looking to change the perception of your business in your market, experimental Marketing is the quickest way to get there. Although not fool proof, this kind of marketing is intended to make a loud and bold statement.


To begin experimental marketing, you’re typically going to need to consider three things:
    1. Understanding what appeals to your audience
    2. Assessing what is and isn’t being done by your competitors
    3. Confidence to think outside the box

If you’re enticed by the idea of Experimental Marketing but require extra hands to pull off something remarkable, schedule a consult with Identity Marketing.