There is no doubt that video has become an instrumental part of business and advertising.

Video can artfully tell a story and explain complex information to audiences of all ages – but is video really the be-all and end-all of advertising mediums?

It’s true that consumer attention spans are decreasing and video has been heralded as an answer to this complex issue. However, there are still many people who prefer digestible text.

What is digestible text? It’s a phrase for small bites of information that can be easily read and recalled with ease.

With this information in mind, how can brands and businesses provide information that caters to both audiences, the ones that prefer video and the ones that prefer digestible text?


Your website is an advertising platform that you own, so you should be making the most of this playing field. To do this, video and digestible information should be delivered together.

A tried and tested format is video first, followed by dot pointed information that convinces your audience of your objective. The great thing about having video and digestible text together is that when your audience is interested in your message, they tend to view the ‘non-preferred’ information too, equalling more bang for your buck.

Social Media

Social media and video content go hand in hand. The current social media algorithms on Facebook prefer this type of content, as do the users. Videos of ideal length and format can engage with audiences that are mindlessly scrolling and stop them in their tracks.

Once you have this attention, ensure that your video has a Call To Action pushing them towards further information on your website.


If you have a video that you intend to send to your database, it’s recommended to follow the same concept as websites: video followed by information.

In summary, communicating through one medium reaches those accustomed to that medium, so widen your net through multiple communication methods and mediums. However you choose to convey information to your audience, remember this: keep it clean, concise and most importantly, valuable to your audience.

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