It can be said that the real estate industry has been turned on its head and that working hours are being used differently. If you have newfound time, it’s time to organise a brand audit.

Brand Audit:

A visual brand audit is the assessment of your brand’s visual assets and evaluating whether they’re being used correctly. This is typically categorised into two key groups – internal and external use.

External Use:

These are all the communication pieces that are distributed to your marketplace.

This includes your website, emails and email signatures, external stationery such as letterheads, print marketing and social media.

Internal Use:

These are the pieces used within your business by your team. Internal brand assets include documents, internal stationery and software programs.

Tip: for consistency, we recommend setting up a document template to ensure that fonts, font sizes, colour and logo placements are the same between all of your team’s communication.

What to look for?

Our best advice is to start with your style guide to discern your official fonts, colours and logo variations. If your style guide is not up to date or you don’t have one – this should be your first step before jumping into the remainder of your brand audit.

Once your style guide is good to go it’s as simple as writing a list of your external and internal assets, checking that they are using the rights brand elements and making a plan to correct any misdemeanours.

Tip: Not sure if your style guide is complete? When it comes to fonts you can expect a title font and a body copy font. When it comes to colours, double-check that the colour codes listed (whether they be RGB, CMYK and Pantone) are correct.

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