In our last blog post we talked about how the landscape has changed and that successful selling in real estate is now tied to the following: 

  1. A focus on off-market sales
  2. Capitalising on technology, and
  3. Decreasing the barriers you still control.

In this post, we are focusing on capitalising on technology providing a synopsis of the changes you should have already implemented. Ensure that your marketing is working harder — especially on social media.


Swap To

Deliver Via

Printed ReportsFlashbook for digital use
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Promoted and linked to your email signature
DLsNarrow the objective behind your DLs and replace with digital content
  • Targeted social media ads
MagazinesFlashbook for digital use
  • Email
  • Promoted on social media
Listing VisualsFlashbooks for digital use
  • Email
  • Website – specialised landing page where they can be downloaded in exchange for contact information.

Why it’s important to be using social media marketing right now

With recent conditions, many brands and businesses have paused or heavily minimised their social media marketing efforts. It would be natural to follow suit, however not following the pack has some serious benefits right now.

Social Media platforms run on algorithms that decide what to show users and when to show them. These algorithms are also used when creating social media ads and paid promotion, however they’re further complicated by an auction system. In simpler terms, the more advertisers there are, the more it’s going to cost to reach the same audience.

Due to cuts in social media marketing, we’ve recently seen that media spend behind posts and ads going much further and working harder for the money.

Social media marketing can feel like a trip down the rabbit hole – so if you feel out of your depth, schedule a consultation with us at IDM.