The landscape has changed - have you?

Welcome to a new world where it comes down to capitalising on technology and decreasing barriers to entry that you control.

What are the barriers you can control?

Sellers and buyers alike are bombarded with bad news leaving them unsettled and in doubt. Be the sources of the right news.

Property bounces back after every crisis.

So how can your sales and marketing adapt for the meantime?

Think off-market sales

In a world where you can’t hold open inspections and people are nervous to publically sell, the next best thing is to go off-market. 

  1. Work out a shortlist of buyers and find them a property
  2. Meet weekly to discuss buyers (digitally or in person)

Focus on interaction-based marketing

Your aim for digital communication should be to pre-qualify your database so you can make fewer calls for better reasons.

Communicate your move to off-market sales and make it easy for people to register

Ensure that you’re leveraging digital communication to identify the following:

    • Landlords who need to sell to stay afloat
    • Buyers who need to move
    • Sellers looking for a fast contract

We’ve all had to alter how we do business and Identity Marketing has the digital experience required to help you get the word out and adapt to the current climate. 

Create off market buyer activity via social media

Here’s three things you can do to leverage your social media to obtain more buyer activity.

  1. Promote the property through Instagram stories
  2. Let buyers know that properties will be previewed first on Instagram
  3. Promote listings through Facebook to drive enquiry to your website

The way forward is clearly digital and it’s those who willingly accept the challenge who will be the ones to succeed in the coming months. We recommend taking advantage of all that digital media has to offer, especially targeting specific demographic groups and databases you own.

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