Balancing Advertising Language

The digital age can be defined by two words: instant connection. To keep up with consumer demand, your advertising needs to be succinct, catchy and deliberately relatable to your audience.

A key way to facilitate this connection is through language. Advertising is a form of communication and if your aim is to open conversations, then your language should read accordingly – but it’s all about balance, not too formal and certainly not too flippant.

For example, say your business is a key sponsor of a local fundraising event. There are several ways you can phrase this for use within a social media caption:

Formal: “We cordially invite you to the Southbank annual community fundraiser held on the last Saturday of November 2020 beginning at 6pm”

Informal: “Hey you! Wanna come to our shindig on Saturday at 6?”

Balanced: “We look forward to seeing you at the Southbank fundraiser for a night of comedy, charity and memories!
6pm – late, Saturday, November 28”

From the example above, the balanced variation delivers information in a short and succinct manner, yet still works to build a connection.

No one knows your target audience better than you – and there’s no one-size-fits-all. Take your time to understand where your consumers draw the line and create a voice that defines your brand without taking away from the importance of your brand and image.