Defining which metrics to pay attention to and which you should ignore is essential to your business. When it comes to metrics and reporting on results, one of the easiest mistakes you can make is to focus on vanity metrics instead of the metrics that really matter. 

Firstly, let’s break down what constitutes a vanity metric: data such as likes, followers, page views and any other metrics that look satisfying on paper. More importantly, vanity metrics are the numbers that don’t have any impact on a result such as sales. All they do is boost your ego and make you feel good instead of making your business successful. To put it bluntly, just because someone follows you, doesn’t mean they are engaged with your brand.

Although things such as likes and follows offer positive results when it comes to reporting, they offer little context for future marketing decisions – unless you know why your high-performing content is performing well or why your low-performing content is failing.

So, instead of merely looking at likes and follows to show marketing progress, dig a little deeper to discover the content that is making a mark in the real world and how you can be creating more of it to meet your business objectives.