Blogging Mistakes
Implementing blogs into your marketing strategy can lead to a wealth of benefits including better SEO, increased website traffic, brand awareness and brand trust. However, if you’re committing any of the following blogging mistakes, you might as well kiss those benefits goodbye.
    • 1. Common Mistake: Biting off more than you can chew.
      When planning blog topics, it’s common to get caught up in the big ideas. This only leads to long articles that disengage and sharp competition with a legion of other wishy washy articles. Instead break down the big topics into smaller, more manageable subjects. Not only does this creating better blogs, it also provides you with a longer list of articles, helping you stay consistent.
    • 2. Common Mistake: Irregular blogging intervals.
      Inconsistency is another common issue for those aspiring to include blogging in their marketing strategy. It’s key to continue writing blogs at regular intervals with the same quality to achieve blogging success.
    • 3. Common Mistake: Not proofing your content.
      Whether it be bad spelling, brain dumping or simply articles that don’t get to the point – bad writing turns readers away. Period.
    • 4. Common Mistake: Ignoring the benefits of key word optimisation.
      Although the content within a blog is what keeps the audience present, it’s keywords from search results that get readers to your blog and website. Ensure your articles, images, alt text and URLs optimise keywords as best they can.
    • 5. Common Mistake: Writing for yourself/ your own interests.
      This may very well be the biggest mistake made when it comes to blogging for marketing. To write engaging things it’s key to think from the perspective fo your audience. It’s all well that you like what you’re putting on yourself, but will your audience?

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