Why do people choose you for their property journey?
There are a multitude of variables that I’m sure you’ve considered. Perhaps it’s your proven record of success, or maybe you were the first and only agent they met with. Oftentimes, word of mouth can play an important role, so perhaps a past homeowner passed on your details.

All of these reasons can arguably be boiled down to the one thing that differentiates you from other real estate professionals – your personality.

Personality in real estate is vital for three things: building long standing relationships, delivering authentic marketing and separating yourself from the pack.

During March, personality became a central theme for Identity Marketing as we started to notice the current reality of something that we’ve known since our company’s conception – personality is key and those who harness their full potential see better results throughout their careers. By extension, we have also noticed a startling pattern in agents and agencies who don’t recognise the importance of personality in their line of work; with a majority having hit a growth plateau.

Enough about that revelation – let’s see how personality played a part in our own happenings in March.

This month, our Creative Team delighted in creating a Region Report that packed a ‘personality punch’. We set ourselves the task of developing a Region Report for Hutton and Hutton that perfectly aligned with their brand and subsequent brand personality. This was achieved through the use of clean lines, white space, creative layout and punchy visuals.

Next, we have a slightly different take on the power of personality – This month we added a new social media coordinator to the team. At Identity Marketing we recognise that character can’t be taught and by extension neither can personality. This type of thinking forms a pivotal part of our recruitment and hiring process (as well as ensuring newbies have the required education and experience) and subsequently led us to hiring Georgia!

We also caught up to provide filming services for a home-state favourite, Samantha Hirniak of Ray White Semaphore. Why does she have a special place in our hearts? Besides from choosing us for her marketing efforts, she has an infectious personality that makes anyone feel as though they have known her all their lives.
On a side note, her video bloopers are simply hilarious…

Finally, our Sales Director, Steve Osborn travelled interstate to meet with key agents and agencies in Sydney. The objective of these meetings was to talk about branding and listing visuals, where conversations touched on capitalsing personality for better branding and marketing.

And that’s a wrap for March – the month of personality.