The January Rundown


February is here, meaning we’re firmly in 2019.

We had a massive start to the year already including an interstate trip to talk strategy with some of Australia’s top agencies.

Strategy increasingly became a buzzword last year, but as the word grew in popularity it began to lose it’s core value and meaning.

A defined strategy is more than simply stating what you’re going to do, it’s about stripping back the layers and defining the how and the why. So, how and why is this important? (hah, see what we did there?)

‘Why’ is important as it provides the basis for your actions. Every action within a strategy should be backed by the answers to the following:

• Why are you doing that?
• What objectives are you aiming to achieve with this action?
• Is this the most fitting action (dependant on resources i.e. financial)?

The ‘how’ is equally important as it delivers a guide on how you’re going to achieve the objectives within your strategy. Each objective/action should be defined by the following:

• Who is responsible for this action?
• What assets and resources are required for this action to succeed?
• How are we measuring success?

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