January is synonymous with personal resolutions – some are planned in 2018 and some are more spontaneous while feeling a little worse for wear on January 1st. Whether you’re a strong believer in New Year’s resolutions or you think the idea is overrated, one this is for sure; January marks the start of 2019 and the start of implementing your plans for dominating business and career goals in the coming year.

Real estate agents who are serious about their trajectory have already planned for 2019, and we’ve helped a number of inspiring agents plan their year to ensure that their marketing pieces are created to meet their goals. That’s what planning is all about, it’s not simply making list and checking it twice, it’s about stripping back the layers of what you plan to implement and asking yourself ‘does this work towards my goal?’.

By extension, the result of your planning endeavor needs to be cohesive. This means that your marketing looks cohesive (marketing assets match and compliment each other) and that the deliverables within your plan are aligned with your business objectives. As an example, say that one of your objectives is to recruit new agents into your team, you should be planning evaluating and planning marketing deliverables such as having an improved careers section on your website and a culture video that drives agents to join your team.

Whenever I am asked about planning, my first piece of advice is to not only plan in advance, but to plan in advance quarterly. By doing this, you’re giving yourself 4 checkpoints over the course of a year which allows your plans to evolve and makes for an easier evaluation process. It’s also easier to plan 3 months of strategy that works towards a larger goal rather than getting lost in the details of a 12 month strategy.

If you’re looking for advice on what marketing tactics are going to serve your needs this year, get in contact with us; we specialise in formulating marketing plans around real estate goals.