Have you reflected on your email marketing yet?


If we asked you how many different marketing emails you’ve sent this year, would you know the answer? (We’ve sent 50 different emails in 2018, in case you were wondering). If you do know, kudos to you! You’re in a very small percentage of people who know how many EDMs they’ve sent annually, and an even smaller percentage of real estate professionals who know. However, it’s not just the number of emails you’ve sent in the past year that you should know – you also need to have a good understanding of your overall email marketing strategy to ensure you’re maximising results and minimising effort.

So, what does it mean and what’s involved in getting a ‘good’ understanding of your email marketing? We recognise it seems like a big, daunting task – especially if you don’t know how many marketing emails you’ve sent this year – so we’ve created some questions for you to ask yourself to get you started. Are you ready?

Question one: What do you want to achieve with your email marketing?
To maximise your results you need to recognise the result you’re really after. Ask yourself, are you looking to nurture your leads or are you looking to be seen as the authority in investment data? Your answer will shape how your emails look and the information they include. Want another expert tip: If you have multiple (different) audiences, create separate recipient lists and email them with messaging that speaks to their needs instead of marketing to the masses.

Question two: ’How often are you sending emails?
Are you sending too many emails, or not enough? To help you answer this question, you should look at your analytics, especially open rates, click rates and the unsubscribe count.
If you don’t have a definitive answer, don’t stress. There is no one size fits all number of emails someone should be sending as it’s all about finding the right balance and trialling this with your marketplace to see what’s right for you.

Question three: Are you tracking the right metrics?
Perhaps we’ve skipped a step here – let’s ask this first – are you tracking metrics at all? If not, you should be. Your email metrics and analytics allow you to study how your emails are performing, and if you know how to interpret these analytics, email metrics are the yellow brick road to your next steps in maximising your email marketing. The metrics you should be looking into at the very minimum are open rates, click through rates and your unsubscribe count as these will give you a good indication of how your audience is responding to your email marketing.

Question four: Are your emails optimised for mobile?
This is a hugely important question as over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, meaning if your emails aren’t optimised for mobile you’re only planning to talk to half of your database. If that fact doesn’t have you on your way to see if your emails are mobile optimised – maybe this will – un-optimised emails affect loading times, unsubscribe rates and often receive much lower engagement.

To get the most out of 2019, email isn’t the only part of your business and marketing that requires analysis before next year.

Check out our 19 things you should be doing before 2019 to dominate your marketplace in 2019, and don’t forget to get in contact with us if you need expert hands on your email or 2019 planning.