Why is the number 3 important in real estate?


Have you heard of the Three By Three rule in real estate? If not, you should have. In real estate marketing, some trends stay relevant for a millisecond and others have the capacity to stand the test of time. The Three By Three rule is decidedly the latter and something that all real estate agents and agencies should be incorporating into their marketing to maintain a competitive edge in a market that craves authenticity and differentiation.

The Three By Three rule, for those who are not familiar is real estate marketing rule about communicating your 3 key strengths and communicating them 3 times to help you win over homeowners. When talking about the 3 by 3 rule, we at Identity Marketing always think back to a quote from Kristin Schier: “The first time you say something, it’s an incident, the second time you say something, it’s a coincidence, but the third time you say something, it becomes a pattern”. You may be asking, why is this important? The answer is, patterns are powerful and patterns provide meaning in the mind of homeowners. This is because the human mind is a complex pattern completing machine that thrives on using knowledge that it has been exposed to multiple times and so by using the Three By Three rule you’re helping to guide people to the right conclusions, conclusions that you set.

Now that we’ve got the Three By Three rule covered, we bet you’re wondering how to put this in motion. If so, keep reading:

To get started you will need to narrow down your strengths and this task is easier than it sounds. Many agents and agencies focus on strengths such as a low number of days on market or selling an amount of houses in a year – but in today’s day and age, those ‘benefits’ are expected and don’t seperate you from your competition. The strengths to focus on will be ones that really connect with you marketplace, making it easier for them to link and complete the pattern in their mind about who you are and why you’re the right choice for them.

Once you have your three key strengths that align with you and your service, it’s time to put these into your marketing so that you’re communicating it three times. To begin with, start by adding your strengths into your pre-listing kit, listing kit and proposals so that you’re communicating your strengths before meeting, at listing presentations and after meeting.

This rule can also be expanded on so don’t limited yourself to communicating your strengths in print – you can apply this to your email marketing, social media and ‘elevator pitch’ when meeting people.

If you’re looking for advice on identifying your key strengths or how to place these in your marketing – get in contact with us.