Are you doing what it takes to stand out in a digital format?


There are a lot of variables to success when using digital marketing. Most recently success is increasingly coming in the form of video. However making a video here and there isn’t enough. To ensure every opportunity for success you need to remember and abide by three words: content, consistency and frequency.

Firstly, content refers to delivering engaging, valuable and quality information to your audience, whether that be through social media channels, email marketing or via your website. Don’t forget, video content should be of high quality.

Consistency refers to ensuring that the valuable information and video content that you’re delivering is provided in a consistent manner, using the same fonts, colours, music and transitions. This leads to the development of your own unique digital style that your marketplace can easily identify.

And finally, frequency. This refers to rolling out your valuable and consistent looking video content at frequent intervals, whether that be monthly, fortnightly or for the ambitious among you, weekly.

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