How To Know It’s Time For A Rebrand

Deciding to rebrand is a big step, one that often comes after a lengthy deliberation process.
If you’re still in the decision process, or you’re unsure if you are in need of a rebrand, continue reading to see the 6 reasons for a rebrand.

Marketing pieces are no longer in alignment:
The most obvious reason is having marketing pieces that are no longer in alignment.
Are your print, email, and social pieces matching and looking cohesive? If not, it’s time for a brand refresh.
When looking at your marketing and communication materials look for variations in colours, fonts, logos and design aspects.

The current brand doesn’t represent the business:
As businesses evolve, they can often outgrow their original image – as was the case with a recent rebrand client. They had a very serious looking brand that was dry and formal. This is all fine and dandy, except this client’s main audience was young people and first home owners and so we worked with our client to develop a fun and informative brand that could really connect with their audience and win them over.

Expanding and recruiting:
If you’re expanding or looking to expand, it’s time to assess what your brand looks like from an outside perspective. If you want promising talent to join your agency or team, you need to be able to accurately portray why you’re the right choice and that starts with your brand. Does your brand accurately portray the values and the type of people who work within your agency? If not, it’s time to reevaluate your brand guide and then rebrand.

Shaking off an old image:
Similarly to outgrowing original branding, shaking off an image is about ensuring your brand reflects who you are now. Shaking off focuses on distancing a brand from negative connotations or prominent people who are no longer within the agency.

Losing market share:
As people are very visual, they often flock to the brand that visually and simply portrays their values – this is great, unless your brand isn’t the one they’re flocking to. If you have experienced a downturn in customers while another local agency has experienced an increase, it’s time to reassess your branding.

Tapping into a new demographic:
If you’re wanting to tap into a new demographic, it’s time to understand whether your brand will align with their wants and expectations. People judge a book by it’s cover, so you need to ensure that your brand’s ‘cover’ covers what a prospective vendor wants to know from the outset.
Then the flip side, you need to ensure that any new branding isn’t going to alienate your current clients.

If you’re experiencing one of more of these – it’s time to get serious about your rebranding discussion. We’re experts in real estate rebrands and we recognise that no one experience fits all – so give us a call to discuss what options are right for you.