It’s no surprise that real estate agents and many real estate agencies are new to the term ‘brand principles’.
It’s something that is overlooked or ignored when starting a real estate brand or revitalising a brand through a rebranding journey. People are naturally very visual and priority gets placed upon the visual aspects of a brand before anything else; but how well can the visuals of a brand or the culture of a workplace reflect the actual brand if they don’t know ‘who’ they are at their core?

Brand principles are at the very core of your brand. I often see agencies without them and they’re easy to spot – how? Copy on their website, print marketing and social media all look like they’re written by very different people and this is because they’re not writing from the perspective of a single source, or rather the brand’s principles.

Principles are the foundation behind how your brand looks, how it communicates, and where it will go in future.
For example, think of brand principles as personality traits in a person – a person’s personality will dictate what they wear, how they speak and their goals in life.

A refined personality type that values pleasing people would look and act differently from someone who is loud, eccentric and values timeliness above all else.

To put it simply, people connect better with people rather than brands. But by having a personable brand, you’re making the connection process easier. Brand principles are also vital to help people understand exactly who your agency is, where you fit in the marketplace, what makes you different from other agencies and paves the way for the uniqueness that will win new customers.

Real estate brands that have well defined brand principles and use them to establish their brand are easily identifiable by their brand image that represents who they are and what they do, cohesive copy that matches across all marketing deliverables and the employment of great talent that fit their workplace culture.

If you’re curious to learn more about brand principles or want to know if your brand principles stack up, give me a call.