Here at Identity Marketing we deliver new tips every month on how you can improve the quality of your real estate marketing videos. We do this because we recognise that videos should match the quality of the agent. What we haven’t explicitly covered is what to do after you make your digital real estate content.

Firstly, let’s talk about Facebook. It’s arguably the most well known social media platform and a staple in most real estate marketing plans. To maximise the success and really ensure your efforts are worth it, I recommend putting money behind content that you want people to see. Facebook works on a ‘pay to play model’, mainly due to an endless number of people wanting to advertise and a finite number of people to advertise to. Without spend behind your content and videos, you’re at the mercy of the algorithm gods and they may not be so merciful.

If you’re well versed with putting spend behind your content, it’s time to take the next step and promote your content to the right people. At Identity Marketing we do this by creating custom audiences that Facebook can target on your behalf. These custom audiences include using email database contacts, similar audiences and promoting to those in certain areas. This ensures that the people seeing your content are already more inclined to respond positively to your content.

Next, it’s time to look at email. You should be delivering your video directly to your database through email. It’s always a nice addition to add a short summary about the video too.

Finally, let’s move onto Instagram. Instagram offers multiple ways to include video into your profile, however there are some limitations. If your video is over 60 seconds you won’t be able to post this to your profile feed- you do however have the option to cut the footage into consecutive 15 second segments and post it to your Instagram Story, or you can add the full footage to Instagram’s newest feature, IGTV. The great thing about IGTV, otherwise known as Instagram TV is that you can link your IGTV videos to your story to direct your audience to view the full video. Instagram thrives on creative ways to implement video, so the sky’s the limit.

My last recommendation is to remember the optimal dimensions for your video content –  for a refresher in what the best dimensions and sizes are, you can find our handy guide here

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