A rebrand is only as good as it’s foundation.

I like to think of rebranding as building a home. Without a strong foundation, quality build materials and expert advice, it can easily come tumbling down. The end result being wasted time, misused money and feeling defeated.

I often speak with real estate agencies that are looking to rebrand and help them facilitate future growth and establish themselves in ‘the now’. Giving them a modern and fresh brand that is aligned with their business objectives.

Typically, it’s one of 4 common branding issues that lead them to deciding to rebrand their real estate agency. These are the most common challenges I hear real estate agencies facing with their branding:

Brand consistency – Over time a brand’s marketing deliverables evolve and sometimes new colours, shapes and elements sneak their way into the branding which makes the branding look inconsistent across marketing pieces.

Complacency – The challenge successful real estate agencies have is that they don’t feel like they need to invest into the brand – they say ‘why change something that isn’t broken?’. Although a brand may not be ‘broken’, should the brand start to look tired it leaves space for a fresh and new brand to take some of its market share.

Direction – Over time new people buy into a business or people move on and the brand needs renaming. Using the existing brand principles and visual identity doesn’t give the business a clear direction. A rebrand helps you understand who you are so you can communicate that through words and visuals in your communications

Misinterpretation – A well defined brand is easily understood by consumers, and brands are able to guide their marketplace to the right conclusions. In the absence of clarity consumers make their own associations with the brand, and this can be detrimental in the long term.

These issues come down to more than just adding some new visuals and to really ensure that a rebrand is solving the above issues, a complete rebrand is needed, along with well planned brand principles to act as a strong foundation.

Brand principles are a vital part of any successful real estate agency and are there to help people understand exactly who your agency is, where you fit in the marketplace, what makes you different from other agencies and paves the way for the uniqueness that will win new customers.

If you would like to learn more about brand principles or find out about the 4-part branding process we use a Identity Marketing, get in contact with me today.