Is Instagram taking over the world? Maybe. Is Instagram continually evolving every month to deliver the best experience to users? You bet they are.

One of their newest releases for this month is a real time activity status indicator which can be seen in the direct message or ‘DM’ section of the app. The indicator will come in the form of a ‘green dot’ allowing you to know when your connections are active.

This new feature has great potential for real estate agents who often connect with their marketplace through Instagram messages. Both real estate agent and customer will be able to see when a past connection is active, which may entice customers to ask questions and make content if they believe they will get an immediate response.

How often do you communicate with your marketplace on Instagram?


Instagram Stories have added yet another sticker in the form of music.

Users can choose from thousands of songs and even choose the exact part of the song to be played in their Instagram Story.

Over the past year, Facebook (Instagram’s’ parent company) has been rumoured to be making deals with multiple big record labels which got people talking and speculating whether Facebook would be launching their own record label.
However, that’s not the case – the hard work and deals have resulted in the newest feature to be used in Instagram Stories: a music sticker.

By using the new music sticker, users will be able to choose from thousands of songs to have playing when their story is viewed. Better yet, users can choose the exact part of a song to play, ranging from 5 to 15 seconds!

Pro tip: if you’re looking to add music to your Instagram Story but don’t want to have the music sticker be a focal point, we recommend adjusting the size of the music sticker and placing another over the top, such as a gif sticker or a hashtag sticker.


LinkedIn, also affectionately known as the Facebook of professional social networking builds their whole platform on facilitating professional connections to grow your career and network. So it makes sense that their in-app messaging feature would be due for some updates to really capitalise on their brand message.

For those making the most of LinkedIn and using it to communicate with people through the app, you will notice some new and welcomed changes. Firstly, the visible space for a text box will be able to be expanded. This aids creating longer and thought-out messaging which is beneficial for both users and the long term use of the platform.

The second major change is the ability to send files as attachments within the chat. This feature has the possibility to speed up communication times as users won’t have to wait until they’re at a desktop or switch to email to send required files.

As a real estate agent, you may think LinkedIn isn’t that important in your career, however sellers and buyers often look your name up online and due to LinkedIn’s overall presence online and with search engines, if you have a linkedin profile it has a good chance of being within the first 5 results. So if you have a LinkedIn profile that shows who you are and what you can do then you’re already 2 steps ahead of other agents who don’t.


As just mentioned, LinkedIn is an unexpected, but positive aspect to have within your online presence. With the recent Facebook privacy debacle, many older users have opted to stay away from Facebook, which is where LinkedIn could come into play when connecting with prospective buyers and sellers.

To aid in connecting, LinkedIn has launch QR codes that act as a sort of digital business card. For users who have the LinkedIn app, the user will have a unique QR code that when used links them to another’s profile.

You may not use it often, but in the off chance a homeowner wanted to connect through LinkedIn, you’ll be glad you had this option set-up and ready to go.


As attention spans get shorter, social media platforms are looking for new ways to meet new attention span demands.

In light of this, Twitter has rolled out video docking, allowing users to continue to watch a video while scrolling through their feed.

Users often feel an itch to stop watching a video to continue scrolling, looking for more content. It will be interesting to see if this feature positively impacts the average view time of videos on Twitter.

For real estate agents on twitter, we’d love to hear from you about any impact this new feature has on your average view time.