Why your call to action isn’t working…


Real estate agents need to stop being so transactional in their marketing and instead focus on building their personal brand. To be less transactional means you need fewer calls to action in your marketing. Call to actions generally are ad like and people don’t like ads. Look at the comparison with Channel 10 and Netflix. Channel 10 went into administration while on the other hand, Netflix has had a 669% growth over the past five years while they basically do the same thing. The only difference is that one delivers just content while the other one forces you to watch ads.

So take a lesson from Netflix and provide high-quality video content that helps homeowners solve their real estate problems. This is not easy and it takes work but the benefits of building your brand like this instead of being transactional will pay off very quickly. If you’re not sure how to write the correct messages to position yourself, get in contact with us. We’re a specialist real estate marketing agency and this is what we do every day, we help real estate agents make more money with the right campaigns.

7 Simple Tips to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

7 Simple Tips to Boost Your Social Media Engagement






Social media can be an effective tool for promoting your brand, provided you understand how to use it. With millions of other websites vying for your followers’ attention, you need to know how to keep them engaged. Here are seven simple tips to increase your audience’s engagement…

1. Know your target audience
Profiling your target audience can help you attract the right followers. This should go beyond simple demographics, to psychological and personality traits, including values, interests, and online behaviour. Understanding your audience will also help you ensure you’re using the right channels to reach them.

2. Use social media analytics tools
These tools can help you generate concrete data with reports about audience engagement, including traffic, follows, likes, shares, and sales conversions. You can find plenty of free analytics tools like Google Analytics, Buffer, and Followerwonk online.

3. Publish interesting content
Your content should not only be good, but it should also reflect your brand. Your audience is more likely to share it if it’s simple, credible, and positive, although you can also appeal to their emotions by addressing issues they care about. Social media analytics can help you hone your content by monitoring your audience’s reactions.

4. Organise your content
How often you update your content will depend on the channels you’re using, but regular posts can help you retain followers. You can use a social media calendar to plan your posts in advance and keep track of ideas. Scheduling posts will help you stick to deadlines. For maximum effect, these should be set for times when your audience is online.

5. Post appealing images
Audiences respond to images that make them feel included in your brand. These can be anything to do with your product or company, such as practical demonstrations, or behind-the-scenes pictures of team members, events, charity ventures, or even the local area. Another way to increase your audience’s engagement is by encouraging them to share their own pictures of your product or come up with entertaining captions.

6. Utilise links
Guest-blogging for prominent websites in your field can help your brand build credibility, and generate traffic by linking audiences to your website.

7. Host competitions or giveaways
Offering your audience a chance to win products in exchange for likes or shares can help grow your online following. You can further increase their engagement by requesting responses; although for best results, you should keep questions as simple as possible.

Are you ready to take your social media to the next level? We can service individual real estate agents, whole offices and agencies. Book in for a consult with our team to find out how we can help your business.

Spend less money to get more results



If you’re a real estate agent and you promote content on Facebook, you probably just press the boost button and send it to people in your postcode.

The problem with this is that you’re now competing with every other business promoting in that postcode. It’s not just the other real estate agents, it’s also every other business in the area including, cafés, gyms or fish and chip shops. Facebook works on a supply and demand pricing model, the higher the demand, the greater the prices, this means it costs you more money to contact fewer people. Which isn’t a good business model.

Instead of targeting a postcode, import all of the contacts from your database into an audience on Facebook and then promote your content to these people. You’ll find that you reach more people for a lower cost and you’ll actually build brand awareness. If you use good content and do this consistently, it will turn into leads.

If you’re not sure how to do this, get in contact with us, we run social media campaigns for agents all around Australia.

28 appraisals and 9 listings from one social media campaign


We recently completed a social media campaign for one of our real estate clients which created 28 appraisals, 9 listings and in excess of $150,000 in commission. Being able to help our clients build their businesses directly through marketing and social media is why we started Identity Marketing 5 years ago. We believe marketing across the real estate industry dramatically needs improvement and we’ve been able to help many real estate agents turn their business around with the right marketing.

This type of marketing campaign doesn’t come easy or cheap, it takes a lot of work on our behalf to get these results. When you employ us to run these campaigns you have a team working for you. A graphic designer, a copywriter, a digital designer, a social media manager, a videographer and myself on strategy.

I appreciate that there are people offering social media for less, but I only care about getting results and our formula works. We measure our results by the number of listings gained for our clients, not the number of likes or followers or comments on posts because these don’t add revenue to the bottom line like our campaigns do.

Put simply, if you want to use social media and marketing to make more money, you need an industry specialist digital marketing team who can help you get more listings. Book in for a 15 minute conference call here to see how we can get you these results.  

Why people are not selling with you

Here’s your problem… people don’t want to be homeless which means your customers won’t sell their homes until they have something to buy. Even more difficult for you, most of them are not really looking that hard for their next home, are they?

In this week’s video, I catch up with a smart guy (he even has glasses) and I show him how to fix this problem.


DL’s worked in the 90’s, before the the internet became “a thing”

Once upon a time real estate agents put DL’s in letterboxes and sent a few emails and that was a really good marketing campaign. But, slowly social media became an everyday thing for Australian’s as their attention moved to the mobile device. Smart real estate agents understood that they needed to spend their marketing budgets and efforts on social media, because they saw it was where their customer’s attention was. These real estate agents thrived. Other real estate agents decided they didn’t want to change and that DL’s which worked back in 1999, might start working again if they could just find the magical call to action, so they persisted, but finding new listings became harder and harder until one day they either went out of business or decided to watch the videos in this email and book in for a social media marketing session with Identity Marketing. Now, these real estate agents have their phone ringing like it did in 1999 and they can’t believe they took so long to invest in their business.



How we can help you make money on social


Stop what you’re doing and watch this video. This is what we actually do for real estate agents (like you) to help you win on social. If you’ve been watching our videos for a while and you want to improve your social media game, just reply to this email. It’s quick, easy and we take care of it all for you.