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Video is everywhere, on our phones, iPads, desktops, at home, and in the workplace which begs the question: “if an image is worth 1000 words, how many words is video worth?” By the year 2020 video content will account for over 80% of all online traffic, meaning that the 100 million hours of video that is currently viewed on Facebook everyday is a number that will continue to climb.

There has never been a more vital time to be creating and posting videos on social media to reach and engage your audiences, so in answer to the previous question “if an image is worth 1000 words, how many words is video worth?” the Identity Marketing answer is “too many to ignore”.

Continue below for our three tips for online video content!

#1 – Get to the Important Things
The average viewing time for a video on social media is about 13 seconds, to put this into perspective, it is said you have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression, which means you have twice this time to make your audiences stop and listen. Although impressions are easily made, ensuring your audience is engaged by your video is not, however you can make this easier by skipping the verbal introductions and getting into your important points from the start. To make up for not verbally introducing yourself, make use of titles to introduce who you are and who your company is, you can even add a topic for the video to really give your viewers context.

#2 – Add Captions to your Video
Auto-playing videos are a staple on almost all social media platforms which is reason enough to include captions on your videos but did you know that 85% of Facebook users view content without audio? It takes more than visuals to adequately communicate your message, especially when no audio is involved. Captions are proven to provide a greater depth of understanding, by reinforcing what is happening within video content. Furthermore, silence is underrated – by optimising your video content to use captions, you’re ensuring that your audience can view your video in any situation, especially situations where sound might be inappropriate such as public transport and in quiet work places.

#3 – It’s Hip to be Square
A famous 1986 song by Huey Lewis and The News goes on to say ‘it’s hip to be square’ and that saying is more relevant than ever when it comes to video content on social media. Over 50% of videos are watched on mobile devices with the majority of audiences not turning their phones sideways to watch videos in full screen landscape, which means you’re missing out on an opportunity to showcase detail and make captions easier to read. By making your video content square, similar to instagram style content you will be able to access 30% more mobile screen space when your audience is viewing within social media feeds.

Which tip do you think is the most important and which will you be applying to your marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments!

Expert series interview with Phil Harris

Phil Harris is the owner of Harris Real Estate. He runs a busy team of 140 people operating out of Adelaide.

In this interview, Phil shares how marketing has changed since he has been in the industry. We touch on a funny moment at an open home, what he sees as the most common problem for agents, who inspires him and what keeps him going.



“The reality is 99% of all agent’s problems could be solved if they spent two hours on the telephone everyday looking for new business.”

– Phil Harris

February Social Media Update


Some big updates on social media last month, including;

It’s been a busy month for Instagram with updates that are rolling out one after the other. We also have key social media updates from Snapchat and Facebook. This month we discuss five of the key updates that are important, not only for real estate agents but businesses alike.


In August 2016 Instagram released Instagram Stories, a way for the platform to give users an option to post less rehearsed content that wouldn’t disrupt the aesthetic look of their profiles. The initial release was controversial as many compared the update to fellow social media platform, Snapchat.
Fast forward to 2018 and Instagram Stories has become arguably more popular than Snapchat considering their daily usage numbers (187 million daily users in comparison to the 250 million daily Instagram Story users).
The two platforms have been quite similar in their offerings for users until now: Instagram has joined forces with Giphy to create a library of gifs for personal and business users to use on their stories.
If you haven’t used these gifs yet, we recommended giving them a try to make professional and engaging stories in seconds and trialling instagram’s new option of changing font styles in stories.

When it comes to releasing updates and changes, social media platforms are typically shouting their newest achievement from the rooftops, however instagram took a different approach when releasing their new commenting feature. Instagram skipped their usual formal announcement for this update, causing the change to go unnoticed by many.
The commenting feature works by making the comment box appear within the feed when a user looks at content for more than 5 seconds, gently suggesting users to comment on the post that has held their attention.

The last Instagram update on our list came from Instagram listening to their users and their desires and the world rejoiced when headlines read that instagram’s new feature was about scheduling posts – but don’t celebrate too soon and pop the celebratory champagne just yet.
The update comes in the form of support is being added to Instagram’s API. What exactly does this mean? Well it means that users can’t schedule posts within Instagram will be required to use external software applications such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social have access to the functions.


Snapchat’s newest move comes as a slight surprised to many as Snapchat has always held their content close to their chests and only within their app.
The new update allows people the ability to share a link to stories that people can view regardless of whether they are part of the snapchat community or not.
This new update does have it’s restriction however, as not all stories are able to be shared. The most exciting thing about this update is the ability for website owners to copy a piece of code from the Story player on Snapchat’s site to embed the Story on their own sites. Snapchat’s update is thought to act as a tasting platter, giving people a taste of the platform in the hopes they will join the Snapchat community.


Our last update is one that isn’t available just yet, and it may be awhile before it reaches Australian shores. Among Facebook’s many recent changes and updates, especially to their algorithm a theme is emerging – which is keeping it friendly, keeping it personal, and keeping it local.
That being said, the new potential update is being treated as a work in progress and will initially be rolled out in the US. The idea behind the update developed from a recent fact-finding mission around the the United States by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, where he talked to people who stated that more local content and news, and less national issues on their feeds could assist in building stronger communities.
The update, when finalised hopes to promote more content from small and niche-interest publishers within the local area.
It will be interesting to see how this will affect real estate agents on Facebook in the future in their local areas.


What updates are you excited about this month?

Brand Management | Thomas Heath

Brand Management
Thomas Heath – The AGENCY



Thomas Heath is a top performing agent at The Agency. In addition to speaking fluent Spanish and Portuguese, he specialises in selling residential property in Clovelly, Coogee, South Coogee and Randwick.

To help Thomas manage his brand across his marketplace we create for him a monthly market update, a quarterly market review and a weekly email (examples below).

January Social Media Update


Snapchat released their newest update which aims to separate the ‘social from the media’ by moving all content from friends (including stories) to the left and content from publishers and creators to the right.


Instagram released a new feature allowing users to follow specific hashtags, meaning users are able to see top posts and stories from their favoured hashtag within their home feed.


Facebook has introduced a new facial recognition feature that alerts users when they appear in another user’s photo. The new feature is thought to put more control into the hands of users.

Facebook has also altered their algorithm to devalue posts that are considered ‘engagement bait’. Content that asks users to Share, React, or Tag will be affected.


sourced via Twitter

Twitter launched the new ‘thread’ feature. The new threads give users the option to ‘thread’ tweets together as they write them to create a continuing story.

Will your business grow or die in 2018?

Each year your business should grow. Most businesses do this by being clear about their priorities, (new business and customer service) and hiring for skill sets they require in which they are lacking.

In terms of growth, some of the highlights our customers saw in 2017 from their campaigns were;

  • 32% more properties listed
  • $229k ROI on a $30k spend
  • Recruited 3 new agents over 3 months

To achieve these results, they were all clear on their priorities. One of the common decisions they made was that marketing is no longer their job and it was time to have a team deliver this for them.

Below is an overview of the campaigns we did for them to help them achieve these results (it varies from customer to customer), but it will give you a good idea about how we can help you scale your real estate business in 2018.



Merry Christmas from our team to yours!



Today marks the end of 2017 for us here at Identity Marketing. We will be back in action, Monday the 8th of Jan, 2018.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all our clients and thanks for being so great to work with this year.

If you have a spare 2 minutes, check out our office blooper reel from the year that was 2017.

Kind regards,

Identity Marketing Team
Steve, Jess, Meghan, Ben, Rachel, Bianca, Millie, Lana & Cath

Digital or printed pre-listing kits? What’s your position?


One thing I really like about a beautifully printed pre-listing kit is that you can actually put it on a coffee table and refer back to it later. There may be a trend for digital pre-listing kits, but you can’t convey the look and feel of a professional and slick printed piece through a screen. Don’t let your main sales piece end up in someone’s junk mail. In this video is a pre-listing kit which we made for a real estate agency.